Dust & Erosion control
Tough regulations covering dust and sediment run off now apply to all building sites, sub divisions and other civil  construction projects across victoria. Hydrograss is working successfully with many companies and local council to address these challenges.
Hydrograss can deliver considerable savings and visually attractive outcomes with a wide range of different products.A single hydromulch application will use a fraction of the water required by  tanker based dust control methods while saving you time, money and improving the public image of your project.

Typical applications

- subdivisions
- pipeline installations
- stockpiles
- swales, culverts & batters
- stormwater basins & wetlands
- buffer strips

Civil & commercial
Hydrograss has the capabilities and knowledge to undertake all projects, large or small, whatever the specifications are,  Hydrograss can meet the challenge. We have successfully worked with some of the largest companies in civil and commercial industry
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