Equipment Capabilities
HydroGrass has the staff and the equipment to undertake virtually any domestic or commercial project.

  • Equipped to spray 3 hectares+ per day
  • Equipped to spray from truck mounted platform using high powered cannon or spray using 100 metre handheld hose which minimises disturbance to sensitive areas
  • Cellulose/wood fibre slurries, water retention gels and soil additives for selected projects
  • All soluble starters, fertilisers, tackifiers and seed blends provided to specifications

Statutory Compliance
HydroGrass understands that issues of worker safety, product appropriateness and insurance are all areas of critical importance in today’s professional working environment. To these ends,

HydroGrass has in place the following:

  • All OH&S requirements met, including:
    • OH&S Policy
    • Safety Management Plan
    • Hazard Identification and Control Checklist
    • Employee Competency Register
    • Accident Report Procedure
  • All WorkCover requirements met
  • Material Safety Data Sheets provided
  • Public liability cover: $20,000,000
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