Sporting Surfaces
Premium quaility sporting surfaces and amenity applications are a hallmark of the hydrograss group. Hydrograss offers important benefits such as sterilised wood fibre mulch, long lasting fertilisers, moisture retention gels and independently certified seed. For customers, this means less water, more even germination, protection from washout and bird strike.

Typical applications:

- golf courses
- bowling greens
- ovals
- school grounds
- parks and gardens

Hydrograss offers a domestic service for your private resident with a selection of different blends to suit all needs.

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Native revegetation & rehabilitation projects

Growing awareness of the need to conserve water and to protect our natural environment is driving a trend towards the use of native trees and grasses on many projects. Many environmental managers now understand the importatnt benefits that only Hydromulching can deliver, considerable savings in labour and materials, weed control, moisture retention and the ability to use challenging native seed forms including very fine seed and florets. With the use of spray cannons and long reach hoses, we can reach difficult terrain with minimal disturbance.

Hydrograss has the resources to complete the most challenging revegetation projects. We work with environmental and horticulture experts to develop customised and cost effective solutions for every project.

Typical applications:

- mine/ Quarry rehabilitation
- Landfill rehabilitation
- Post logging revegetation
- Bushfire recovery

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