Environmently friendly
Hydrograss uses only the highest quality products which are designed and manufactured exclusively for hydroseeding.  Our slurries consist of a mix of Cellulose and premium wood fibre, providing an ideal bed for seed as well as superior erosion control properties.

Hydrograss manufactures our own 100% organic and bio – degradable Tackifier. Hydrotack is a guar based binder. Unlike a lot of other  products, Hydrotack is PAM free, so it is safe to use around sensitive waterways. The environment comes first.
Hydrograss also offers a range of products, such as Soluble Fertiliser, water retention additives, clay breakers and soil conditioners.


Hydrograss has offices in Melbourne, Geelong and Traralgon, servicing Melbourne and Regional Vitoria.

For all enquiries please call
phone: 1300 787 441
Fax: 1300 896 787
Email: [email protected]

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